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about public incubator
Public Incubator is a “no-barrier” business incubation platform that is designed for emerging entrepreneurs with a vision and a dream to build a successful business from scratch. Unlike other specialized incubators with very limited seats and frustrating application process, we have virtually eliminated the barrier to entry into this structured & comprehensive business incubation program to allow any high-potential idea to germinate.
Our mission is to "democratize the startup ecosystem"
This global platform brings together Founders, Advisors, and Investors  from around the world under one roof and acknowledges that they all are the constituents of a thriving startup ecosystem. They thrive and grow with support from each other. While enthusiastic founders nurture and pilot their ideas with support from seasoned advisors, investors are available to fuel high-potential businesses and take them to the next level. 
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Incubate your idea! 

You have a spark that needs a little kindling to light up. Develop your seed idea from scratch and make it market-ready on this platform. Nurture your idea with a highly curated, rich, and comprehensive toolset alongside personalized support from seasoned mentors & advisors.


Enroll in a structured business incubation program that provides –

  • Sophisticated Tools & Techniquesfrom Idea Canvas to Pitch Deck, and everything in between

  • Continuous Guidance – meaningful guidance & feedback from seasoned mentors & advisors

  • Pitch to Investorsconnect with investors with a solid business plan and high confidence 

  • Select Service Providersfind relevant service providers for you (e.g. Lawyer, Accountant) 

  • Curated Knowledge relevant information and research materials to support your business

Take this free 10 minutes assessment of your startup journey now.

invest with confidence in high-potential startups
As an early investor, you have the opportunity to invent in high-potential startups and own a piece of its equity, or you can mutually decide how you want to invest. If you are new to investing, we will provide you the tools and method so that you can evaluate the startups of your choice with high confidence. 
Startups graduating from this incubation program are ready to launch their business with a fully-vetted business plan. Some startups chose to bootstrap while some seek external funding to move forward and scale up.
You might be one of the owners of the next unicorn in the making. Enroll as an investor with a no-obligation, no-charge model.
mentors & advisors, shape a startup
While founders are at the driver's seat, seasoned mentors and advisors are alongside providing the necessary guidance that significantly improves the chance of reaching their destination.
If you an experienced professional and motivated to be part of the startup ecosystem, apply for an advisory position.